App Capabilities

Right Angle Technology specializes in building interactive, engaging, and informative experiences for our client’s customers. Every client is unique, and their needs are specific. But they all are looking for thoughtful solutions that resonate with their audiences and are measurable.



Why are we different? Our team hails from diverse disciplines – from creating location-based entertainment and amusement park rides, engineering enterprise Apps.  We work with the latest touch, gesture, computer visualization, augmented reality, and virtual reality technologies to create meaningful connections between brands and people.
Every project is overseen by a partner of the company as well as senior-level team member.
We have our social platform called SmokyFans™. Smokyfans is a modular familar system with robust features that allows our guest to customize their deliverables to meet their needs.
We partner with agencies to bring their ideas to life, and we consult with brands to define and develop a creative and technological approach to solve their problems.

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Our Services


  • Strategic Planning, Consulting and Development for Next-Generation Technologies – AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), XR (Extended Reality), ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial intelligence)
  • Application Development for Multi-Touch Surfaces and Gesture-Based Reactive Interfaces
  • Web Site Development and WebGL
  • Enterprise Application Development for VR HMD Platforms (Facebook and HTC Vive)
  • Camera AR Lens and Photo Filters for all Social Platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram) and Web AR SDKs (Zappar, DeepAR, Blippar, and 8th Wall)
  • Mobile Platform AR – iOS ARKit and Android ARCore
  • Mobile App Development and Design
  • Real-Time Render Engine Application Development – Unity and Unreal
  • Fan Engagement Experiences and Interactive Installations
  • 360º Content Creation Videos and Interactive Applications
  • CGI and Animation
  • Motion Capture
  • Volumetric Capture
  • Creative Design
  • Editorial and Post-Production Video Services
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